Why should I buy a new machine as my FZ31Z has all the hardware capabilities for running Windows 7 instead of the faulty Vista? And I’m more interested in a laptop which works properly than in a nice design. I looked for a system that had Ultimate 32 and most of those drivers work for win7 on the FZ. Thank you Hendra for the link. Although, what I’ve read so far about this drive don’t give me much hope anyway. I don’t know if the firmware helped any with burning. But, guess what, if I were to buy a new one, it wouldn’t be a Sony Vaio anymore.

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Sony, go ahead in this way and enjoy your future bankruptcy!

WebslingerAug 16, In concluding this, Matshita bd mlt uj 220s would like to ask you guys if anybody be dealt with such problems with this particular type of optical drive and has been able to solve them? Thank you Matxhita wner for your answer, but it came too late and I’m sure that my old unit had a hardware fault. Thank you Hendra for the link. Your name or email address: Not all of us are imbeciles. Make sure the drive and system ports are dried and liquid free.


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I had on the computer the vers. Share This Page Tweet. Shut down the system 2. Could this be somehow related to laptop’s matshita bd mlt uj 220s drive not being able to properly transfer the data? Doesn’t matter that the product jlt appear attractive when buying, they’re gonna steal you after this anyway. As for Sony responsibles, they have no shame and don’t give a sh.

Hello XGX and sorry for being late with this. Why should I buy a new machine as my FZ31Z has all the hardware capabilities for running Windows 7 instead of the faulty Vista? I wish I could.

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Meaker Sager Oct 3, at 9: Similar Threads – drive Mata S. So, I’ve taken the risk, searched for alternative offers on the net and found a couple of. Reinsert the drive firmly and then tighten the screws. Vaeron Oct 5, at 2: I’m not even sure matshita bd mlt uj 220s drive is easily replaceable.

There are some replacements, most of them refurbished, but I am not quite determined to try such ones. As for Sony fck. As for our beloved Sony, no news at all. Log in or Sign up. Thank you very much. Hell, I’d even take a link to a firmware jatshita for it as I haven’t even found that yet. Matshita Bd-mlt Ujs 1. I’ve recently noticed by verifying the Device Manager amtshita the update was not installed. Hello Vai wner, Thank you for your post and sorry for having been absent from here for some time.


This defies common sense, for me to benefit from Windows 7 to be subsequently matshita bd mlt uj 220s to throw out the window a laptop machine in a good shape more than capable of running W7 and buy a new one.

You gave me the link for the vers. So, Harold, do you use the same drivers and firmware as in Vista? Unfortunately, neither Roxio has worked. If you have some other suggestion please tell me.