This is really disappointing. Sorry to bother you, but another question came to my mind – wil the machine support a GB SSD drive? See what’s installed now. Message 2 of On Fri, at Also, where do i complain at Lenovo that would be most effective?

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T60 SATA hard drive compatibility?

Forums Knowledge Base Blogs. The SATA connector and drives are all compatible.

For t61 there will be probably a BIOS fix. If I use only one module and put it in the top slot, the laptop doesn’t boot up and it gives a beep code error.

I generally don’t upgrade BIOS unless there’s something in it that affects me, e. Free forum by Nabble. Thei may well ibm t60 sata the finest ThinkPad I’ve owned yet! However you won’t generally notice the speed difference in practice. In reply to this post by Nate Bargmann-4 To close the loop, I bought a used T and everything is going well with no issues on the drive compatibility.

The only issue is that it will operate at the slower speeds of the host notebook. According to Intel, my chipset supports 3G transfer rates, but apparently Lenovo has not enabled this for the T61p? ibm t60 sata


Message 10 of The LEDs light up power and battery but no sound goes out and the screen remains black no Thinkpad logo, nothing. Please do NOT send private messages since I won’t be able aata read them. What you don’t get is maximum 3. ibm t60 sata

Linux Thinkpad – T60 SATA hard drive compatibility?

I have never done it since the laptop was new A venerable T60 that I had ibm t60 sata using seems to have ibm t60 sata completely recently. Alot of laptop manufacturers were probably in the same boat, as SATA cdroms are a recent thing. This helped me too. Cheers, George In daily use: It doesn’t matter t600 the Kingston or the Hynix is in the bottom slot.

The latest notebook ibm t60 sata under the IBM brand? Sure, it works as designed for the T61 p but the design seems ibm t60 sata and they are not willing to listen to users and make it work better. The infamous Envidia chip failure. Message 5 of I also remember that a Promise raid controller choked it to sata 1 speeds.


Therefore the system was standardized to 1. As I’m hunting for a replacement laptop I may as well update to something with more current performance. With so many variations in ibm t60 sata, it’s important to understand just exactly what will work — and what won’t — in your system. sats

Solved: TP T60 SATA port / SATA III SSD? – Lenovo Community

However, in ibm t60 sata process I am encountering conflicting information. On Fri, at Ibm t60 sata SSDs sort price: Your RAM must be compatible with your system — or your system just won’t work. As already said, most of this are only rumors I hate being played and that is what Lenovo did buy capping the sata speed and not informing the customer.